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Wildheart Medicine Drum Workshop

November 18 @ 3:00 pm - November 21 @ 3:00 pm



Welcome! We are really excited to be offering this sacred crafting workshop at the beautiful Baton Valley Trust retreat centre. This workshop is fully catered and we will be deeply nourished by Ange’s wonderful creations.


The Making of a Sacred Drum


This is a workshop to birth your medicine drum. In indigenous traditions throughout the world the medicine drum is a sacred tool to support deep healing and cleansing. It supports the journeying process and to create one in this workshop your drum will be uniquely yours. You will receive its specific power and medicine through the process of the weekend. Because of this you will need to have an understanding of your shamanic tools, your power animal and spiritual teacher.

In many ways birthing your drum is similar to birthing a child, it is a sacred aspect of yourself and your healing abilities. It takes focus and deep concentration. I will be working and supporting you deeply in sacred circle and journeying throughout the weekend. It is an incredibly precious workshop, and I am deeply honoured to be supporting this journey.


‘Drums are individuals. They can be very special things’  – Nicolas Wood

The relationship I have with my drum has built up over time, it has witnessed and participated in many healing journeys with clients and groups and engaged in profound shifting of energy. This relationship is evolving, I recently was drumming for a woman’s circle, as we deepened more into the sacred journey space a luminous quality entered into the skin of my drum. I felt the energy of pearl vibrate out of the skin with each beat and permeate the room. ‘Pearl is also used to create a sacred space for personal rituals and spiritual practise’  – Leila Lees


The hides and rims that make up the drum have be processed and made with sacred intention. The rims made from trees here. Once you birth your drum there is a time to wait and honour the skin before you can play it. In this time the drum is fragile and incredibly vulnerable. We ask that you deeply respect this time and all the work you have done. It will take a few days to completely dry then you will be ready to play it. This too is an intimate process, each drum has its own heart, a place when you touch it with your beater something happens, the relationship between you begins to have voice.


You lead me
to your heart
the place I seek
where I touch your vibration
sweet movement
electrical stillness
of gateways opening.


‘Drumming also purifies the people. When the drum is played, no matter how you feel, you will start moving to the energy of the beat and you will be moved. When played consciously in ceremony it will change our electricity, our vibrations and brain states.’  – Salvatore Gencarelle

“Drumming throughout time has been used to connect not only with our rhythm, our heartbeat but also to the universal creative energy. Thank you Chalice!”


What you will need to bring:


Tools: Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Leather hole punch or hammer and nail, Wooden board
Feathers, thread, bone, beads for decoration
Plastic bag to work on
Old towel, Sleeping Bags, Warm clothes
Cushions, blankets to sit on


Drum Beater: You will need to find a stick for your beater, this will come to you as a gift from nature. You may wish to spend some time meditating on your stick. Then allow yourself some time wander in nature to receive it. It may have already happened, you may already have found one. Please trust yourself and your own inner guidance.
You may wish to sand, carve your stick.
Cost $750 Deposit $400 Due Oct 5th
$350 due November 10th
Please register contact Chalice 021 734564
email [email protected]
Or Marta Willis 022586686
email [email protected]


About Chalice:

She has been working as a shamanic practitioner, chocolatier, medicine drum maker, and group facilitator since 2008. She brings with her  a deep passion for the creative spirit that flows through all things. Her mission in life is to encourage and support the unique expression of this in all of us through one-on-one healinggroup workshopschocolate and essences.Let’s explore your mountainside. You are special and unique. Uncovering this wild innate aspect of yourself can be the most rewarding and challenging journey as we step off the cliff and embrace our relationship to spirit and earth and our connection here.

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Wildheart Medicine Drum making Workshop
What sleeping arrangement would you prefer? (Please know it may be subject to availability, so please tick a couple of options if you can.


November 18 @ 3:00 pm
November 21 @ 3:00 pm


1565 Baton Valley rd
1565 Baton Valley rd New Zealand + Google Map
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