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Having Marti enter my life completely changed the course of my pregnancy, birthing and post partum experience. The moment I reached out to Marti she made me feel completely at ease. She went above and beyond and even offered to meet me the very same day just to have a chat. In the lead up to the birth of my second daughter, Marti met with me frequently to chat. She is so incredibly genuine and personable it really was just like catching up with a close friend… With the benefit of this friend having the unique ability to empower you about your upcoming birth! Although it turned out that Marti was unlikely to be around for my due date, that didn’t stop her ensuring that I felt supported and had everything and everyone I might need for the birthing. The birthing went beautifully and I’m so grateful for the little touches Marti bought by, including little temporary tattoos which empowered me during the birthing. After our little girl was born Marti was wonderfully supportive, never overstepping, always letting me know she was there if I needed anything. The homemade chicken soup she brought around was incredible and so nourishing after birth! I could not recommend Marti enough, she is a very rare beautiful soul who really was put on this earth to support and empower women in this incredible journey.

Marti made such a difference to my postpartum period. I knew coming into my second postpartum experience that I wanted more support to my recovery than the first time around and as my parents couldn’t come from overseas as they had planned, they kindly gave me a package with Luna Bloom. Marti was so caring and supportive – she is an incredible masseuse and is knowledgeable and a brilliant cook. I absolutely looked forward to her visits each week – in the blur of the early weeks with a new baby having that half day each week where there was some time and care for me, some lovely company and great advice where I needed it and also a beautiful meal to share with my family was just brilliant. The products Marti makes and provides were also amazing for my healing process – I loved them. I wish every new mum had a chance to have this level of support and care!

Marti was such a beautiful light in my postpartum journey, her massages were so nourishing to my body, she has such a warm heart and love for new mamas and their babies and I felt as though each visit were a delicious warm hug from a dearest friend. Despite being in the middle of a lockdown, she offered flexibility and comfort even from the end of the phone. I’m eternally grateful for her love and wisdom and being a part of my daughters life and mine, with my family on the other side of the world I was feeling lost and homesick but Marti held the space beautifully for me to settle into the early weeks of motherhood. She came with knowledge, warmth and most importantly food! Knowing she was there at least once a week and always on the end of the phone was amazing, a bespoke and carefully crafted safety net. My absolute favourite thing about our time was the ritual and honour it brought, from the Mother Honouring to the Sitz baths and mugs of warm tea, wrapped up in blankets and being seen as a new Mama was bliss!

We love you Marti. I can’t express it fully enough xx

“Can’t thank this beautiful lady for her healing hands! This was my first pregnancy, I was overdue and feeling very pregnant, sore, tired and ready to get things going. Marti helped me to calm me down and made me feel so relaxed and assured that everything was going to be ok. I was so relaxed I fell asleep! Haha. Marta has a beautiful calming nature and her massage skills are incredible. She has great knowledge and understanding of the pregnant body and emotions involved. I would highly recommend Marta to any mumma to be. My little one is now a month old and I’m loving every minute of it!

I came across Lunabloom early in my pregnancy and instantly knew I wanted to do the belly binding and postpartum closing ceremony. Marti was extremely accommodating and went through great effort to make this happen, which I’ll be forever grateful for as this played such an important role in my journey into motherhood. She has without a doubt blessed me with the most beautiful gift a new mumma could ask for – a peaceful and calming yet empowering mother warming ceremony. Marti has the most beautiful soul and warm personality, making you feel comfortable and cared from the first moment and throughout the ceremony. My wish is that every new mumma could experience her healing hands and beautiful and calming energy.

Marti is one of the most caring, loving, beautiful souls I have met. She goes above and beyond to make you feel well looked after. She has the most beautiful energy, she is a woman who is incredibly passionate about what she does and providing wonderful care and treatments to pregnant and postnatal mummies! I had an amazing massage at 37 weeks and Marti made me feel so special and relaxed! I also went to Marti for the postpartum healing ceremony which was another beautiful, special experience which I would definitely recommend to other mothers.

After our baby boy Rumi was born I had the honour in receiving Marta’s Post Partum healing/closing ceremony. Beings it was five days Post Partum, me wanting my tribe of women who had closely supported me through my pregnancy to be there as well Marta made the drive to our house in Katikati to accommodate us with setting up the space beautifully for the ceremony. I found Marta’s sacred energy to be so full of love, compassion. Guiding my tribe of women to close, le…t go, and seal my body back together after child birth was emotionally beautiful. I also have experienced Marta’s massage’s in my last trimester and let’s just say “I was snoring away on the table”.. Once again the space and energy was so relaxing. I feel incredibly grateful our paths have crossed, look forward to many more moments, massages.

Marti took care of me through my pregnancy, with incredibly relaxing massages which helped with circulation, tiredness and general wellbeing. She offered loaded of support towards my pregnancy and labour, from her years of experience in the industry and from birthing her own lovely babies; including advice about essential oils, acupressure. She is a beautiful, calming soul, and I would definitely recommend her to any mama in bloom!

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