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10000000000% recommend this beautiful, talented, caring lady for her amazing crafting! I feel so connected to my gorgeous necklace, thank you so much for making my babies close to me always. Thank you for being so kind and a lovely new friend.

Marti is an angel in earth! The experience of have my beads crafted has been over the moon. Marti worked with me step by step and she ensure i was very happy with the results! ❤ Thanks Marti for my beads! Cant stop admiring them!

Marti is such an amazing soul crafter and went above and beyond for my personalised treasures. I would highly recommend working with her for bespoke and beautiful breast milk jewellery and fairy. She is so caring, wonderful and compassionate with postnatal advice and help as well.

The word ‘keepsake’ doesn’t seem enough to describe the truly special pieces that Marti crafts. I believe she is a genuine modern-day witchy Mama with a magical gift for capturing moments, memories and love in the most beautiful treasures that can be loved for a lifetime.

The energy she puts into these items has the ability to provide you with some healing, by allowing you to honour your journey and say thank you for all that has brought you to where you are now.

Marti always remains fully present and heart-centred when crafting and communicating with you and gently and lovingly supports you through the process. She is worth every penny and more!

I love my gorgeous bead Marti created with the inclusion of my daughter’s hair inside. It serves as a very good daily reminder what’s really important in life. The piece is very high quality and you can feel the love that has been put into it while making. I highly recommend Marti’s work, she definitely has a gift for making special keepsakes.

Oh my Marti…. I am more than in love with my ring!!! My gosh, it is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined ? I can’t thank you enough, you’re amazing. Thank you thank you thank you, I will treasure these treasures forever, they are so close to my heart and connect me to my children even when we are not together.

Marti is one of the most gentle, loving, wise women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and that certainly reflects in her work, her passion. She deeply cares for the women and babies she works with, leaving them feeling empowered and in an oxytocin bubble. I’ve been lucky to acquire a few of Marti’s pieces; a keepsake guardian that matched my personality so beautifully, a breast milk bead, a locket with a tiny breast milk heart inside, a precious leaf bead, a placenta cabochon (I’m birth worker so this just set my heart on fire!), and a moss bead. The moss bead was particularly special – I was so drawn to it for the longest time when Marti discovered that it represented healing grief. I had been on my own journey of grief for the past two years so this gave me chills! And that’s what she does, so beautifully, she really gets to know you, your own unique journey, and creates something unique and quite amazing. Thank you Marti!!

I came across Lunabloom early in my pregnancy and instantly knew I wanted to do the belly binding and postpartum closing ceremony. Marti was extremely accommodating and went through great effort to make this happen, which I’ll be forever grateful for as this played such an important role in my journey into motherhood. She has without a doubt blessed me with the most beautiful gift a new mumma could ask for – a peaceful and calming yet empowering mother warming ceremony. Marti has the most beautiful soul and warm personality, making you feel comfortable and cared from the first moment and throughout the ceremony. My wish is that every new mumma could experience her healing hands and beautiful and calming energy.

Marti is one of the most caring, loving, beautiful souls I have met. She goes above and beyond to make you feel well looked after. She has the most beautiful energy, she is a woman who is incredibly passionate about what she does and providing wonderful care and treatments to pregnant and postnatal mummies! I had an amazing massage at 37 weeks and Marti made me feel so special and relaxed! I also went to Marti for the postpartum healing ceremony which was another beautiful, special experience which I would definitely recommend to other mothers.

After our baby boy Rumi was born I had the honour in receiving Marta’s Post Partum healing/closing ceremony. Beings it was five days Post Partum, me wanting my tribe of women who had closely supported me through my pregnancy to be there as well Marta made the drive to our house in Katikati to accommodate us with setting up the space beautifully for the ceremony. I found Marta’s sacred energy to be so full of love, compassion. Guiding my tribe of women to close, le…t go, and seal my body back together after child birth was emotionally beautiful. I also have experienced Marta’s massage’s in my last trimester and let’s just say “I was snoring away on the table”.. Once again the space and energy was so relaxing. I feel incredibly grateful our paths have crossed, look forward to many more moments, massages.

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