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Lunabloom is a well-being clinic specialising in
heart-centred therapeutic massage (relaxation, sport, deep tissue, bodywork) and pregnancy and postpartum care in Nelson.

Massage Therapy

Whether you are wanting to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, increase or decrease muscle tone, improve and strengthen your immune system or educe anxiety and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. There are wonderful styles of massage to help you achieve your purpose. Whichever style suits you best, the power of touch can support you and nourish your overall wellbeing. Come see us.

Prenancy Massage in Nelson

Before baby arrives

Helping you connect with your unborn baby

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in your life. It can also be an emotional rollercoaster as changes occur throughout your body. You may feel overwhelmed, nervous, or absolutely blissed out and well balanced. Whatever you’re going through, it’s always comforting to have reassurance and help when you need it.

With nurturing therapeutic pregnancy massage I am here to guide and support you on your joyful journey into motherhood.

Therapeutic Prenancy Services in Nelson -After Baby Arrives

After baby arrives

Nurture the life-giving mother

When a new baby arrives, it brings a new mother to the family as well. It is a sacred and special transition from Maiden to Mother. I provide beautiful Postpartum Specialized Massage, Mother Honouring and Mother Warming services to help make this transition a joyful experience.

It is important to feel loved and nurtured during these sensitive times. Find out more how can I support you on your sacred journey.

Postpartum Doula Support

My aim is to create a postpartum sanctuary where you feel supported and held while transitioning into motherhood.

Many mothers are overwhelmed and tired, and in some ways feel unsupported, when they enter into the postpartum period – ‘the 4th trimester’. They are often doing it without any plan, or extended soul searching, on how to tackle everyday challenges with a new little being by their side.

My mission is to provide hands on support for new mothers, where they feel nurtured and held while they find their way as a mother. I am here to guide and nurture through this ‘Sacred Window of Time’ of the early postpartum weeks through nurturing bodywork/massage, nourishing food and practical guidance and support in whatever area you need it.

Birth Trauma Healing

Providing you a safe space to debrief your birthing journey.

Every woman experiences birthing processes differently. Many experience a lack of support, some have difficulty bonding with the baby and /or partner after birth, others experience baby loss and deeply personal and unforeseen disappointments. These can weigh heavily on a woman for a long time (even years after a birth) and may feel too immense to navigate alone. Some people feel stuck or confused about how to heal from their traumatic experience.

You will be provided with heart-centred tools and practices recognised to support you in your healing journey, and help move you to feeling lighter, calmer and more aligned.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Circles and Workshops

My aim is to create a postpartum sanctuary where you feel supported and held while transitioning into motherhood.

The transition from Maiden to Mother is an incredibly special journey for women. These gatherings are all about the sister-love and exploring the space to offer authentic heart-sharing and co-creation amongst expectant  and new mothers.

An opportunity for sisters to lift one another up through their motherhood journey. That which we refer to as a ‘rite of passage’, is not always an easy process. To be part of a supportive group of women that will listen and hold you in a special and sacred space is something to treasure.

“I came across Lunabloom early in my pregnancy and instantly knew I wanted to do the belly binding and postpartum closing ceremony. Marti was extremely accommodating and went through great effort to make this happen, which I’ll be forever grateful for as this played such an important role in my journey into motherhood. She has without a doubt blessed me with the most beautiful gift a new mumma could ask for – a peaceful and calming yet empowering mother warming ceremony. Marti has the most beautiful soul and warm personality, making you feel comfortable and cared from the first moment and throughout the ceremony. My wish is that every new mumma could experience her healing hands and beautiful and calming energy.”

Lerize du Toit, Auckland

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