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“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman

Perhaps you are a new mama-to-be. You have attended antenatal classes, read books, and feel prepared for birth, and yet like life, there is a strong sense of uncertainty. It may be about how you and your relationships will cope with a new baby, how it will be once you are holding your precious baby in your arms… and you see you could be more supported, held with loving care from experts and enabled to follow your keen intuition, no matter how your journey evolves.

Family support may not be available to you, your sense of support from a ‘village’ may be missing and you need this during this special, yet vulnerable time. In home Postpartum Care provides a sense of stability and consistent support across the first few months after birthing; giving love to the mothers, so all a Mama must do is relax and feel nurtured.

My aim is to create a postpartum sanctuary where you feel supported and held while transitioning into motherhood. I cannot wait to care for you!

Two strong key elements

Therapeutic Massage

A strong element in my way of practicing is Bodywork – it is intrinsic to our postpartum service. I place a strong emphasis on nurturing your motherly intuition.


Hearty nourishing home cooked meals are created with beautiful loving food energy, in your own home  and reflect renowned practises of Nourishing Postpartum Traditions.

The Benefits


Being prepared

I can help get your household sorted before the baby arrives. Leaving you with less things to worry about.


Time to Heal

Traditional healing practices through bodywork and nourishment for your body and soul.


More relaxed postpartum

Having help at hand when you need it. Feeling more grounded and supported.


Time to Connect

With your baby, with your partner, and learning healthy boundaries as a new family.


Reliable resources

Finding you professional evidence based resources, and referral when needed.

Importance of the Golden Month

Sacred practises and old traditions have been used throughout many cultures right after childbirth where the mother takes the time to rest, heal, connect and bond with her new baby. Members of the village or community come to care for the new mother, providing her with lots of warming and nourishing foods, massages and healing herbal remedies, while she rests and recovers.

Often, in our modern world we have forgotten such sacred practises for contemporary times and women are often expected or expect themselves to do it all on their own. They may be isolated from their village of people, and with minimal or no support, it is a common feeling of overwhelm to care for this little person who depends on them for their every need.

My mission is to provide support for new mothers, where they feel nurtured and supported while they find their way as a mother. I am here to guide and nurture through this ‘Sacred Window of Time’ of the early postpartum weeks.


Prepared Postpartum Live-Interactive Workshop

In-depth 5 hour workshop, filled with practical tools, suggestions on what life might look like with a new little bubba in it.

With my doula colleagues we are on a mission to provide you with practical tools and tips to help you ease into motherhood with confidence and feeling supported even when things aren’t as expected.


More about my background

Marta Willis


Postpartum Doula, Massage Therapist

I am a mother of two, a Holistic Practitioner, Postpartum Doula with a Diploma in midwifery. I have been working with mothers on a daily basis for more than a decade. It is always a great privilege to be involved in a mother’s journey and to hold space for them, listening to their stories. As a postpartum doula my main focus is to nourish and nurture the mama’s body and soul; enabling them to exist in their ‘oxytocin bubble’, and to enhance their motherhood journey. I know having an extra pair of helping, healing hands during this sacred transition from maiden to mother can have a lasting impact on a mama’s emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. I am specialised in traditional postpartum practices, such as belly binding, womb warming practices, birth story sealing and postpartum massage.


Through my work I have identified one theme:

Many mothers are overwhelmed and tired, and in some ways feel unsupported, when they enter into the postpartum period – ‘the 4th trimester’. They are often doing it without any plan, or extended soul searching, on how to tackle everyday challenges with a new little being by their side.

I’ve always held space for these beautiful mamas. Heard their stories. In fact, I’ve been there myself.

Stepping into a new phase of life can be challenging. If I knew back then what I know now I would have had someone in my home to support me and our little family unit through those early days and weeks, because we simply do not have the capacity to mother ourselves.

During the postpartum period I experienced just how little support is available to new mothers. My lovely husband could not be there, as he was working full time. My midwife was a wonderful support – however that support is limited.

I found that I could not be/do everything. So after I had completed my family I knew I wanted to offer postpartum doula services to mothers. I want for you what my postpartum-self ached for – being held, feeling nourished and nurtured…this is where my postpartum doula journey began.

Did you know that the first 40 days postpartum is a sacred window of time, where investing in yourself and your baby creates a positive impact to last a lifetime? During these 40 days the focus should be on cuddles, learning how to breastfeed, and falling in love with your baby.

I am passionate about creating a postpartum support  where you can use my expertise to provide for you and your family with a deeply holistic approach. I am here, to nourish and nurture your body and soul, enabling you to exist in your ‘oxytocin bubble’, and to enhance your motherhood journey.


“After birth there is a sacred window of time. A time for complete rejuvenation of woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. A time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 42 weeks after birth set the stage for her next 42 years.”                              ( Ysha Oakes)

I am here to support you with:

A session to assist you in creating your personal postpartum plan, to discover your wishes, and how you envision your perfect postpartum bubble.

I can help get your household sorted before the baby arrives. Leaving you with less things to worry about.

I can help you build up a loving and helpful village and support system.

The entire pregnancy and birthing process is about ‘opening’, both spiritually, mentally and physically. Once your baby is born, the body requires ‘sealing’, or closing what has been opened, and is raw and vulnerable. This is critical for proper holistic postpartum healing. Debriefing your birth story in a special space, and ceremonially honouring this sacred, new stage of your life.

This is where we introduce heat to the body on a deeper level to help a mother’s body and womb to heal and recover.

The journey of birth can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, I can be there to support you through this.

This can be very daunting and emotional for you, while you bond with your baby and learn how to breastfeed and/or bottle-feed your wee one. I can support you and help you to achieve these milestones in ways that works for you and your baby.

Teaching you the art of bonding through sacred, loving touch with your baby.

Everyone has their own unique and wonderful parenting style, I can help support you in building up your confidence and to gains skills that will strengthen you.

You can receive delicious home-cooked meals that are specific to your postpartum care and recovery.

Organic loose leaf teas, tinctures, herbs and spices to support your body, and aid lactation.

If you are living in the Nelson/Tasman region and want to find out more about how I can support you and your family on your postpartum journey, I invite you and your partner to a free, no-obligation meeting via phone, internet, or in person.

Marti’s presence and support in our postpartum time was the absolute nourishment on all levels. Although I had an epic and empowering birth, I had a rocky start to breastfeeding and was struggling emotionally and spiritually with the transition of becoming a new mother. Marti was the meaning of care and dedication- she didn’t just help take care of the household chores without me even having to ask, she showed up for me in a way that brought the ultimate healing for my emotional and spiritual struggles. Her postpartum doula skills are next level; from being an abundant source of relevant info on newborn care to holding a grounded space for emotional transformation, and onto honouring me as the new mother in ceremony- you name it and she is it. If there was one thing I’d recommend new mamas to invest in, it would be to have Marti as part of the postpartum team. I am forever grateful. 

Zsofi Rose Brown

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