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Mother Honouring Services

LunaBloom creates a sacred space for you to truly embrace your motherhood journey. Postpartum practices offer a level of holistic healing for a new mama’s mind, body, and soul that is unparalleled.

Birth is an amazing and intense journey. Our bodies go through a lot of hard work to bring a child into the world. Through all this work we are opening to ‘release our baby’. Afterwards, this openness may remain present and leave us feeling empty after birthing. Our bodies have been a vessel for our little one for many months so we may experience a sense of emptiness once we have completed the birthing process.

With this gentle yet powerful closing ceremony for women in their first year of motherhood, we pull the mother “together” on many levels. It’s a beautiful way to close the birthing process and celebrate the mother, welcoming her into her new role.

No one needs mothering more than a new mother.

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Our Packages

Pregnancy Massage: full body therapeutic massage
Belly firming paste

New Mama Full Body Nurturing Package

With heated warming oil and belly firming paste application.

Bliss out with this full body therapeutic massage using organic, handcrafted oil infused with herbs and spices. Designed to bring a gentle warming sensation to the skin, it’s a way to relax and relieve the tired and sore mama muscles. Applied with love and intention to promote healing and recovering. Absolute nourishment for the mother’s soul.

Special warming herbs are combined to make our hand-crafted Tummy Firming Paste. It warms the womb space after birthing, nourishes the tummy skin and may also help firm the skin.

Pricing:  75min –  $150


Postpartum Massage

Therapeutic postpartum massage

Being a new mama is an incredible experience but it’s also pretty demanding. Come and ease your mind and body with a replenishing therapeutic massage. Your new-mama aches and tight muscles will melt away and you’ll walk away feeling energised. You’re welcome to bring your little one with you (up to six months) as there’ll be plenty of time to feed, settle or comfort your baby during your massage.

30min –  $60
60min – $100
90min – $145


Birth Story Sealing

pregnancy and birthing ceremony

The entire pregnancy and birthing process is about ‘opening’, both spiritually, mentally and physically. Once your baby is born, the body requires ‘sealing’, or closing what has been opened and is raw and vulnerable. This is critical for proper holistic postpartum healing. We start with the mama sharing and debriefing her birthing story. Creating a safe space to let go of any unwanted emotions that are not serving the mother any more. After listening to the birthing story, luxurious pashmina scarfs are used to gently help pull the mother being and bones “together” so the mother can arrive back into her body after birthing.

Pricing: 60min –  $80

Luna Bloom pregnancy healing and recovering packages

Mother Honouring Deluxe Package

Celebrate yourself or a mama you know with the ultimate mother honouring package. The package includes:

  • Ceremonial Foot Bath with yummy foot scrub and massage

  • Birth Story Sharing and Debriefing

  • Warm Healthy Oil Full Body Massage

  • Sealing Ceremony with Rebozo

  • Tummy Massage and Belly Firming Paste Application

  • Sacred Belly Bind (for you to keep)*

  • Bow Now Honouring.

You’ll also enjoy a herbal tea designed for postpartum mamas, and plenty of time and space to cuddle, settle and feed your gorgeous baby.

Pricing:  120min –  $300

*As the belly bind is custom-made, a $90 deposit is required upon booking. If for any reason you’re not able to keep your appointment you can still take away your belly bind and a step-by-step tutorial on how to put them on and use them.


Traditional Belly Binding Care Package

Bengkung Belly Binding

Belly binding is a process in which a woman’s belly is bound tightly shortly after giving birth. It’s a ceremonial act with the pure intention of honouring the woman. The ceremony starts with a gentle massage of the tummy using warming oils, which is followed by a firming paste application and then the belly binding itself. The tradition of Bengkung Belly Binding, which originated in Malaysia, can be found around the world in various forms. Sacred Belly Binding foremost aids in warming and closing the body post-birth.

  • Warm Healthy Oil Full Body Rub Down

  • Tummy Massage and Belly Firming Paste Application

  • Belly Binding

Pricing:  75min –  $230  (price includes Belly Bind)


Ultimate Mother Warming Care Package

Magnesium massage and foot scru

Get ready to indulge your feet in hot water infused with fragrant oils and healing flowers. Wash away all the sweat and hard work and recharge. This signature treatment is combined with a blissful magnesium massage and foot scrub followed by the application of nurturing foot cream.

Then continue with Moxibustion, an external heat therapy for new mamas. Also called moxa, or ‘Mother Roasting’, the postpartum healing treatment warms the abdomen, stops pain, moves Qi, circulates the blood, facilitates a speedy recovery and energises the body.

Then finish this treatment with hot stone abdominal massage. This is where we introduce heat to the body on a deeper level to help a mother’s womb return to its pre- pregnancy size. It also expels excess air from the womb space, which is believed in many cultures to be the ‘heart of the woman’. Pre-heated smooth river stone combined with special heating herbs are used in this invigorating treatment.

Note: This treatment trio should not be used if the woman presents with signs of heat such as high temperature, night sweats, inflamed caesarean scar or infection.

Pricing:  60min –  $110


“After our baby boy Rumi was born I had the honour of receiving Marta’s post partum healing/closing ceremony. As it was five days after birth, I wanted my tribe of women, who had closely supported me through my pregnancy, to be there as well. Marta made the drive to our house in Katikati to accommodate us, setting up the space beautifully for the ceremony. I found Marta’s sacred energy to be so full of love and compassion. Guiding my tribe of women to close, let go, and seal my body back together after child birth was emotionally beautiful. I have also experienced Marta’s massage’s in my last trimester and let’s just say “I was snoring away on the table”. Once again, the space and energy was so relaxing. I feel incredibly grateful our paths have crossed.”

Dana Preston, Katikati

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