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Placenta Encapsulation

Whether you’re a new mum, expecting a baby, or looking for a special gift for a woman in your life, I hope I can help. Pregnancy and the year that follows is a truly special and important time. A time for the mother to be honoured, nourished, loved and cared for.

Keepsake jewellery by Luna Bloom

Be Nurtured

My name is Marta, the owner of LunaBloom, Nelson’s pregnancy and postpartum health specialised sanctuary. I’m passionate about pregnancy, birthing and motherhood and have spent the last 17 years working as a massage therapist, but I am also a qualified midwife, hypnobirthing instructor, reiki practitioner (and more!).

I specialise in pre- and post-natal massage therapy, holistic childbirth preparation, postpartum doula support, postpartum mother honouring, and sacred sealing ceremonies for new mothers.


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Be Empowered

Nobody needs nurturing more than a mama who is growing or looking after a magical, brand new life.

After experiencing two natural and empowering births (one at home and one in a birthing centre) I decided to specialise in supporting women through their unique journey into motherhood. My calm, welcoming clinic creates the perfect space for pregnant women and new mums to take a little escape from this buzzing world we live in.

Therapy for New Mums - pregnancy massage

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Partners and Supporters...

With every Keepsake Jewellery purchase,
5% goes to this beautiful charity organisation

Angel Casts is about creating tangible memories for Mums and Dads. They create beautifully detailed hand and feet stone replicas of a baby or child who has left their parents arms too soon. Their service is completely free for Hamilton families.

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