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Be Nurtured

Hi, I am Marti. Through LunaBloom, I offer you nurturing and nourishing specialised therapeutic massage and pregnancy & postpartum therapeutic services and support in Nelson, New Zealand.

Specialised in massage therapy – relaxation, sport, deep tissue, bodywork, in antenatal and postnatal massage. Also offering Postpartum Doula Support, Postpartum Mother Honouring, and Sacred Birth Story Sealing Ceremonies for new mothers.

As a qualified Massage Therapist,  Midwife,  my life is committed to my passion for the care of your body – whether you are an athlete or a mama-to-be.

I am a mother of two gorgeous girls and wife to my beautiful physiotherapist husband. You can discover more about my qualifications, background and studies in the about section.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Focus

Nobody needs nurturing more than a mama who is growing or looking after a magical, brand new life.

After experiencing two natural and empowering births (one at home and one in a birthing centre) I decided to specialise in supporting women through their unique journey into motherhood. My calm, welcoming clinic creates the perfect space for pregnant women and new mums to take a little escape from this buzzing world we live in. Please know, my space is baby friendly, you are welcome to bring your little one with you up to 3 month of age.

Therapy for New Mums - pregnancy massage


Bliss Bonus of the month

Keepsake Jewellery


Gemify your precious memories into forever treasures. Keepsake jewellery allows you to transform these memories into your physical world as an everlasting and constant reminder of that precious time.

My keepsake jewellery work can encapsulate the uniqueness that is yours and yours only- breastmilk, a first tooth, lock of hair, beloved fabrics; and more.

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