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Marti was such a beautiful light in my postpartum journey, her massages were so nourishing to my body, she has such a warm heart and love for new mamas and their babies and I felt as though each visit were a delicious warm hug from a dearest friend. Despite being in the middle of a lockdown, she offered flexibility and comfort even from the end of the phone. I’m eternally grateful for her love and wisdom and being a part of my daughters life and mine, with my family on the other side of the world I was feeling lost and homesick but Marti held the space beautifully for me to settle into the early weeks of motherhood. She came with knowledge, warmth and most importantly food! Knowing she was there at least once a week and always on the end of the phone was amazing, a bespoke and carefully crafted safety net. My absolute favourite thing about our time was the ritual and honour it brought, from the Mother Honouring to the Sitz baths and mugs of warm tea, wrapped up in blankets and being seen as a new Mama was bliss!

We love you Marti. I can’t express it fully enough xx

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