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Float your way through pregnancy

Experiencing pregnancy is so different for every woman. If you have experienced multiple pregnancies, you may have noticed the many differences you felt in your body physically and mentally each time. With each pregnancy, or if this is your first, you can experience increased discomfort, bodily changes and unique feelings with each passing week.

A wonderful way to honour your motherhood journey is to give yourself time to relax with ease and no
interruptions or distractions, and to enjoy pure quality time ‘Floating’ at the Uplift Float Centre in Nelson CBD.


People often ask me: what actually is Floating? What are its benefits and, is it safe during pregnancy?

Floating is a gentle and embodied way to treat yourself and your baby.
From my personal experiences and those of my clients, I can assure you of its wonderful opportunity to feel weightless, to turn off and tune out the external world, to enhance and tune in to your inner world and to rebalance sensory overload.

Unlike a busy pool environment, Floating takes place in a specially-designed tank called a Pod. It is a cocoon-like environment with a shallow amount of salty water at a tepid, soothing body temperature.

Uplift Float Centre offers you the choice between two pods: the Cocoon and the Lotus. Each are tucked into a beautifully designed private room with your own showering and toilet facilities. It is a totally private space so you can be clothed or naked (at your own discretion depending on the day) and is designed for your sense of freedom and ease.

Each room has beautiful lighting options for your comfort, is equipped with props to support your head, and optional earplugs to further dull or soften sound. The only ask of you is to submerge yourself into a wonderful weightless experience. You may feel utter relaxation, presence, increased imagination, calm and reconnection to wholeness.

For peace of mind, you can find the benefits of Floating here:


High levels of Epsom Salt within the water enable you to Float and not sink. Epsom Salt contains magnesium and soaking in an Epsom Salt bath is one of the most effective ways to absorb magnesium into your body. Magnesium is a popular supplement and remedy to use for leg cramps; to soothe other muscle cramps, relax skin and boost digestion.


It is vital to enjoy moments to connect with your baby during pregnancy. Often, we become too busy in life with little time or priority focused on ourselves and personal wellbeing. Yet, to slow down and take a break with nice deep breaths, supports unity with your unborn child. Being safe in this dark and warm, warm womb-like environment gives you an opportunity to attune with your little one; to consciously connect. It offers you space for womb communication: to think about how they might feel within your safe womb-space, to tune into who they are and for them to listen to your calming heartbeat.

Reduce Swelling

Alleviating pressure from your joints and veins can also help reduce oedema or prevent swelling. Another popular remedy to reduce swelling is through magnesium supplements. Floating supports both at the same time!

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is closely related to stress and hormone levels. Entering the deep relaxation state that you can experience in the Pod can help lower elevated levels or maintain a stable pressure. In addition to relaxation, your body is relieved from the burden of gravity, allowing your blood vessels to fully dilate reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow.

Reduce Stress

A ‘busy and on-the-go’ culture can leave little time and space for self-care. It’s stressful! This applies to everyone, however, if you’re already a Mum it can often be more challenging to give yourself even a few minutes for peace and quiet.  When Floating there is no external sensory input. There is nothing to do except relax. Your body spends very little energy to ‘just be’ and everything slows down. There is little sense of time and you may find yourself easily in a peaceful meditative or contemplative state of being.



Floating is NOT recommended if you experience:
• Severe claustrophobia
Or have:
• Epilepsy
• Kidney disease
• Low blood pressure
• A contagious disease (including Covid, Diarrhoea or Gastroenteritis (and for 14 days following)
• Open wounds
• Skin ulcers.

Floating can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1-1.5 hours depending on your needs and time available.

It is important you do not overload your system with fluids before getting into the Pod or you may need to interrupt your relaxation for a wee.

Keep up your hydration after your Float and continue to drink heaps over the following days. It is important you eat both prior to your Float and afterwards (especially if you are experiencing nausea in your pregnancy).

You can safely Float during your first, second or third trimester of pregnancy but the limit in many centres (including Uplift Float Centre Nelson) is up until 37 weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the possible risk of your water breaking during Floating and, while this is not a huge risk, it is a precaution.

Are you curious about Floating? Do you know others who enjoy its benefits?

Your pregnancy can be the best opportunity for you to simply give Floating a go, bring ease to your body and mind and experience a nourishing quiet time where your focus is fully on you and your baby.

Your first Float Session

When you come to me for your pregnancy and postpartum massage therapy, ask for your gift of a

20% OFF Discount Code to support your first time Floating.

I am excited for you to find Floating and hope to see you soon. Find Online Booking  for massage in the main menu.

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