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Plant & Share – Bliss Bonus of November 2020

Skincare without harm

When it comes to skincare, I prefer products that not only give lovely results, but are also pure, and natural.

It has always been important for me, but became even more-so when I was carrying a child beneath my heart; and when breastfeeding my little ones too. 

Don’t we all become more mindful about what we put into, and onto, our bodies during these sacred times? When you have a little person to be mindful of, you want to ensure the products that you are using won’t cause them harm.

Plant & Share

On moving to Nelson, I was so happy to discover the incredible skin and personal care products made by Sharyn at Plant & Share.

All Plant & Share products have been designed by a qualified herbalist and aromatherapist to ensure safety for the whole family. The range includes products that are suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

Luckily, this soul-fuelled, mama-business is local – just minutes’ drive from Nelson. I had the opportunity to meet Sharyn in person, and we soon became friends. Her beautiful and abundant garden is like a sanctuary, and I have spent many hours in her incredible crafting space, or “She Shed”, as she calls it.

Something special

Meeting Sharyn was special, I not only had the chance to take a peek into the way she works, but to witness first-hand what a beautiful soul she is. She is all about supporting locals, and other mama-businesses. She has helped me countless times; connecting me with other heart-centred and like-minded people and businesses.

Effective products

When I was breastfeeding, I was on a search to find the most natural deodorant, one that was gentle enough to not cause skin irritation, yet effective enough to prevent odour. After using the Plant & Share deodorant (AKA magical pot of gold) through a few hot Nelson summers, and I can assure you that it has never let me down.

Sharyn’s products speak for themselves. You are purchasing a pot of pure love every time you purchase Plant & Share products. Your skin will love you for it too. My favourite trio that I use daily is the face cream, face oil and deodorant.

Something extra

Sharyn also hosts workshops from her studio in Wakefield where you get to participate in a hands-on creative experience making personalised products to take home such as lipstick, nail polish and body scrub. Keep an eye out for upcoming dates for these workshops via the Plant & Share Instagram and Facebook pages.

Spreading the love

I want other people to know about Plant & Share’s magical products, so during the month of November my “Bliss Bonus Gift” after a massage will be a trial-size deodorant for sensitive skin for you to take home. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!


About Sharyn: Plant & Share was a natural progression for Sharyn due to her passion for creating simple and fresh skincare products from the garden to nurture and care for her family. She focuses on creating safe, natural skincare products for mothers, babies and families. These products are herbal-based natural, organic, and nurturing for your skin. They are also beautiful to look at and smell divine. Only the finest and freshest herbs, plant-based oils, and butters are used.

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