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The birth of Loki Hiwa

The story of Loki’s arrival starts way before the day he joined us here on earth. An unexpected surprise- his conception threw myself and Chai massively- to say the least! With our youngest just turned 10- we were celebrating double…

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Portrait of a Midwife

Marijke de Jong Photographer: Just as I knew I always wanted to birth at home, I knew I wanted Anne Sharplin as my midwife. It was a knowing from that place in the heart that the mind has no place…

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Cord Burning

Photo Credit: Capturing Life: Read the Full Birth Story Here. Cord burning is a beautiful and gentle way to separate the placenta and baby from each other. This method can be done after the placenta has been born, and is…

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About My “Why”

Few month ago I got interviewed by a beautiful magazine: The Inspired Guide I thought I share it here, so you can read a bit more about my "Why". Can you tell a little bit about yourself and your work?…

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Birth Skills Workshop, Nelson, NZ

Birth Skills Workshop

Last month, I was lucky enough to attend and observe an amazing birth preparation workshop designed and run by two beautiful midwifes in Christchurch. Now I am even more happy to let you know that they will come to teach…

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