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Gemify your precious memories into forever keepsakes

Every mama dreams of capturing the precious fleeting moments of motherhood. As our little ones grow up (too fast!) we dream of pausing time and holding on to each and every milestone.

BloomTreasures by LunaBloom gives you the chance to hold your special memories not only in your heart but in your hands with a special piece of jewellery or keepsake. We encapsulate items such as breastmilk, a first lock of hair, fabrics, and more – into a forever treasure.

Craft from the heart

Each and every one of my bespoke pieces is created with delicate care, focus, love and intention.

Whether it’s breastmilk, first tooth, or sand from a beach close to your heart, each inclusion received will be treated with love and respect. You’re trusting my creative energy, ability and workmanship and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for more information.

Please know that:

  • Each peace will hold your inclusions only!
  • We work closely together throughout the crafting process.
  • I source high quality jewellery findings to complement your piece.
  • Your gems and final keepsake will be both beautiful and long-lasting.

If you’d like to read more about how I started my creative journey, please visit my blog. (Will be coming soon!)

Treasures by LunaBloom options:


These stand-out European-style smooth surface beads, with 925 silver eyelets, fit Pandora style bracelets. Perfect if you’re looking for a unique piece for yourself or someone you love. Ideal for bracelets or on a chain necklace.

Style options:
– with Shimmer
– with Translucent Pigment
– with Flecks

Colour options: Click on the buttons to view all the colour options.


PRICE: $95 each or $90/each if you order three or more beads.



If you prefer the intricate, carved style of cameo jewellery, I can produce something bespoke for you in this style with your preserved breastmilk included.

Base Styles: There are three base styles available

Cameo Designs: There are 9 cameo design options

Colours: Please let me if you’d like your cameo in a colour rather than black and white.

PRICE: $135



A classic, elegant way to capture memories. These stunning, high-quality lockets are made from surgical stainless steel and can hold any small or powdered inclusion.

Locket Frames: There are four locket options.

Designs: Pure pour using a maximum of two colours with your inclusions placed directly into the locket.

PRICE: $98


Crafted locket charms

Choose from the ‘Tree of Life’, an ‘Angel’, or ‘Mandala’. For a custom order or to discuss other options, please contact me directly.

PRICE: $160


SoulSeed Guardians

With these personalised creations, I invite you on a deep soulful journey. I offer a 30-minute phone consultation (optional) where you can share your motherhood journey with me. Then we can talk about elements you wish to include into your cabochon piece. These may include flowers, healing crystals and herbs, elements from nature, and your personal inclusions.

When I create, I tune into your story and design the piece especially for you, to represent your unique journey through motherhood.

PRICE: $180


Birth Jewellery

A side branch of SoulSeed Guardians, these finely crafted sacred pieces capture the beauty of everything that is feminine, birth and womanhood-related. These pieces can be shipped worldwide, as there are no personal inclusions included.

PRICE: Birth Labyrinth: $95


Heaven's Buds

Keepsake for Early Pregnancy Loss

In life, there are precious little buds that are too fair to bloom on Earth and their delicate beings are forever imprinted onto their mama’s heart.
Our “Heaven’s Buds” collection honours these little babies who are always close and never forgotten.

Printed in a beautiful, high quality crystal – we can encapsulate ultrasound images, photos, ECG line, CTG line, hand and foot prints, and more.

Three pendant designs available:
Pale Pink Heart / Blue Heart / Clear Square

You can choose between a leather or silver chain

PRICE: $85



'Starseeds of the Orion' Ring

Also known as the “Three Sisters”, the Orion Belt is an asterism in the constellation Orion. Three bright stars called: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. It’s easy to notice them in the night sky, they are pretty evenly spaced and form a more or less straight line, which makes them easy to locate. It has been visualised as the belt of the hunter’s clothing.

This ring design represents courage and strength, but delivering it through kindness and gentleness. Orion is the peaceful warrior of the sky. Like the mama who is up all night with a hungry, unsettled child. You are a peaceful warrior being there as a glitter spark in your baby’s universe, even when you are beyond tired and exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This ring will remind you to connect with the Wisdom of the Three Sisters and help you to bring calm into your Mothering.

Available sizes: 6, 7, 8

PRICE: $138



'Be My Guardian' Pendant

This sweet little guardian angel is made out of 925 Sterling Silver.

Body can include preserved breastmilk, placenta, or hair.

Colours can be chosen by you.

PRICE: $125



'Double Beat' Earrings

Beautiful heart shaped 925 Sterling Silver stud earrings.

Colour and inclusion can be your choice.

PRICE: $106


To check out our frequently asked questions, terms and conditions and disclaimer & warranty information, click on the button below.

With every Keepsake Jewellery purchase,
5% goes to this beautiful charity organisation

Angel Casts is about creating tangible memories for Mums and Dads. They create beautifully detailed hand and feet stone replicas of a baby or child who has left their parents arms too soon. Their service is completely free for Hamilton families.

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