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“You do not need fixing, you are not broken. You need to be HEARD, you need to be SEEN, and maybe some tools and understanding to find the SELF healing that’s within you!”

Carla Sargent

Was your birthing journey different to how you had hoped it to be?  Do you still feel emotions from this time? Is there a sense of defeat, guilt, confusion or anger about what happened for you?  Perhaps you feel upset about how you were treated?

Could finding deeper understanding with gentle guidance to process and integrate the experience be the healing you need now?

If so, let me support you on your journey.

What is Birth Trauma Healing?

Every woman experiences birthing processes differently. Many experience a lack of support, some have difficulty bonding with the baby and /or partner after birth, others experience baby loss and deeply personal and unforeseen disappointments. These can weigh heavily on a woman for a long time (even years after a birth) and may feel too immense to navigate alone. Some people feel stuck or confused about how to heal from their traumatic experience.

During our Birth Healing session all of your experiences and feelings will be acknowledged, cared for and welcomed. You will be heard, feel validated, understood and supported in a safe non-judgemental space. I will be there with you to gently walk through the experiences and help you reflect on your experiences. You will be supported in the process of releasing any negative emotions that are holding you back from healing in any/other aspects of your life.

You will be provided with heart-centred tools and practices recognised to support you in your healing journey, and help move you to feeling lighter, calmer and more aligned.

From your session, I want you to feel empowered, understood and equipped with new insights and knowledge to resolve (or begin to integrate your experiences) and most of all, to connect with your own inner wisdom to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

I provide you with a safe and compassionate space with undivided attention and allow you to share and debrief your experiences. Our session will happen face to face: via Zoom or In Person. We unpack your story together, from your perspective. I am happy to provide reflection for you to contribute understanding of what happened during your birthing process.

Your birthing journey is unique to you. Your wounds are your wounds. Your joys are your joys. Trauma is subjective. What can be described as a textbook birth can be a traumatic ordeal for one birthing person, just as a seemingly traumatic birth may have been a positive and empowering journey for another. No one is in a position to judge or tell you how you should feel. If you carry experiences that feel heavy, emotional, confusing, and were traumatic for YOU, then it is true for you.

Each birth experience is unique. Sometimes past experiences continue to impact on wellbeing, sometimes unconsciously.  The session helps uncover and allow self-insight into all experiences, and can help the planning and preparation process. If you feel uneasy, anxious or weary about an upcoming birth, I definitely recommend this session for you.

Absolutely. If you are happy for them to be there and feel the presence would be an additional support; I like to encourage partners to join our session.

Following our session you will receive an outlined email within 48 hours with everything discussed, including further support tools and a resource list. Please know I am also available for follow-up sessions. Additional cost may be required.

Payment plans are welcome! Your wellbeing is vital.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1 on 1 Birth Trauma Healing Session

  • A 2-3 hour session
  • A safe, non judgemental space for you to allow and encourage you to share your journey in depth
  • Supports you to unpack your story kindly, with care and attention
  • Follow-up email with helpful tools and resources

Investment:  $250

*Session can happen In Person or via Zoom.


Birth Trauma Healing Session with Bodywork

  • Session can happen In Person ONLY
  • A 3-4 hour session (debriefing, then 1 hour full body massage)
  • A safe, non judgemental space for you to allow you to share your journey (in-depth)
  • After your sharing session, you will receive a full body therapeutic massage with tender focus on areas you need support. With special attention, we focus on your heart and womb space with specially designed oils and herbal infusions

Investment:  $345


Birth Trauma Healing Session with Personalised Healing Jewellery

  • Session can happen In Person or via Zoom
  • A 2-3 hour session
  • A safe, non judgemental space for you to allow you to share your journey (in-depth)
  • Designing your individual piece of jewellery after our session


After your session, we carefully walk through the elements, symbols and healing crystals that may be your best support on your healing journey; creating a pendant (or other) design that is your unique piece and is truly yours.

Price includes your designing fee. Please know the final price depends on the agreed design piece and inclusions, such as crystals, gemstones, materials.

Investment:  $300


Add On Options

First Light Flower Essence Trauma Blend

A special blend designed to support and be your own personalised rescue remedy. Created as a gentle support for after disempowering experiences and using First Light Fern Essences: No’s 37-43.

Price:  $25

Prepping for a Healing Birth

Additional support session after your Healing Birth Session. 

2 hours, In person or via Zoom. During this session we address your concerns, fears and anything arising about your next birth. Together we explore what steps need to be taken to empower you; to set you up for your best opportunity for the healing, positive and empowering birth experience you deserve. After our session, you will be sent a follow-up email which covers key healing steps and links to any resources discussed, with the intention to help you to feel more informed and prepared.

Investment:  $190

*Disclaimer: Our services and information provided have not been evaluated by the FDA. LunaBloom makes no claims of benefit of mental health or medical treatment. The information on this site and any services provided are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or  condition. Those who choose to utilize these services take full responsibility for their own health and seek medical advise from their GP or Mental Health Provider promptly if needed.

“Marti swiftly recognised I was feeling cautious about sharing my experiences. With a calm gentle tone, she clearly communicated expectations and boundaries for the session. In doing so, Marti immediately created the safety I required to be able to share what was deeply personal; experiences I’d kept private and carried for years. I was given time to reflect on these and she always checked in with me before offering guidance.

A surprising aspect was how the potential for my healing became clear very early on in the session. Marti offered grounded practical information that enabled deeper insights and new perspectives to consider. Her approach was kind and I felt lighter before the session ended.  In the days following I began reshaping my story, in alignment with my own wisdom.

While it was not an easy process initially, Marti’s heart-centred practice is vast and profound. I believe everyone who has experienced birthing can benefit from this healing practice with her.”

Emma – Tauranga

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