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Bliss Bonus of February


  Free healing bath brew with your next Mama massage!

You know when you’ve had one of ‘those weeks’ and all you want to do is soak your muscles, mind, and the day away? We all know how beneficial relaxing baths are but wouldn’t it be wonderful to ‘super-size’ your bath by adding something in to soothe your post-birth body?

 I’ve decided to share the love by giving away my Post Birth Healing Sitz Bath mixture with every massage booked in October. It’s a hand-crafted herbal mix of nourishing, organic healing plants perfect for you and your baby.

How does the Sitz Bath work?

This herbal mixture is an incredible way to heal your sensitive bits after birthing.

20 minutes. Then when you’re ready for your bath, strain it and sprinkle it in. Could be good to get it brewing first thing in the morning before the day disappears (or your mama brain forgets!).

 Please note: it’s important not to soak for longer than 20 minutes if you have perineal stitches, and with a C-section scar, always check with your care provider first if it is ok for you to bath at all.

 What about my baby?

If you’re feeling ready, why not bring your little one in for a soak too? While they can be a bit slippery and wriggly, there is nothing more delicious than bathing with your newborn. I know first hand how beneficial the Sitz herbs are for both myself and baby. Here’s me and my five-day old daughter having our bath together. I found it sped up the healing of her cord stump and she slept for hours after each bath – bonus!

Soothing for all body parts

Another way to use the nourishing herbal mix is to strain the brewed liquid and spray it on your perineum after you’ve been to the toilet or throughout the day when required. If you’d like a more specific spray for the perineum, we have the Peri Delight Soothing Spray available too.

 Time for a massage? Book in with me today and receive the Postpartum Soothing Sitz Bath mix when you come in. Or if you wish to buy the Postpartum Soothing Sitz Bath mix or trial the Peri Soothing Spray, please email through my CONTACT page or call me on 022 LUNAMUM.


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