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Bliss Bonus of August 2017


EXCITING NEWS! Each month I will have a special product that you will get as a GIFT when you are coming for an hour (or more) massage or other therapy services. This will be called BLISS BONUS OF THE MONTH! These products are carefully hand picked by me, created by heart centred local businesses. Businesses that I personally know, and cherish relationships with. And I believe each one of them is providing incredible products and services.

When we have a new baba, we often feel super overwhelmed regarding what products to choose (I did anyway). By sharing these amazing products I am hoping to share the ones with you that worked for me and I truly LOVE. Hope you will enjoy them too!!!!

 So excited to announce the BLISS BONUS OF AUGUST!!!!

That is a yummy herbal spice sample pack from Pepper & Me.

Whatevz mum is the original lactation aiding product, with superpowers of fennel, fenugreek, dill and dill seeds. A perfect gift for any new mum, or simply any one!

It is for use in a salt grinder, and to be used as an everyday all purpose seasoning. Its delicious on EVERY kind of food, and the milk boosting properties are amazing. I enjoy using the salt blend for cooking rice and on boiled eggs! It works well in any casserole, Indian dish, salads or pork too.

Cherie – the owner of Pepper and Me, has been a chef for 10 years and moved to the Bay of Plenty when baby Pepper was born in April last year. She started to create these products after entering her own Breastfeeding journey and becoming passionate about helping other mums. Her range has now grown to include the whole family, with BBQ spice rub and grinds for the BBQ season as well. Pepper is now 15 months old, and her beautiful mama’s business seriously took off! Her, and many of her product users (even me 2 years into my breastfeeding journey with my second girl), found these herbs and spices not only super helpful as a lactation aid, but dangerously delicious as well! I hope you will like them as much as I do!

You can find Pepper&Me on Instagram (pepperandme_) Facebook (pepperandmenz) and cooking recipes everyday on Snapchat (pepperandmenz) or check out the products at

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