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Bliss Bonus September 2017

I’m excited to share the Bliss Bonus of September with you. It is a jar of the original, best organic magnesium cream! With each one hour (or more) purchased services, you will receive a 60ml jar as a GIFT.

 I believe this is the safest and most effective magnesium product on the market today. You will love it, especially if you have tired and cramping legs (and we all know it is often the case at the last weeks of pregnancy). Not only is the cream gorgeous on your skin (super moisturizing), it provides relief from sore muscles, cramps, anxiety, migraines, restless legs, pain, poor sleep AND is completely safe for pregnancy and baby too!

Pat, the founder of Happy Horizons, has lovingly created this beautiful range of products for the purists among us. The Happy Horizons products only ever contain fresh, unrefined, organically certified oils and the purest, most ethically sourced raw ingredients. There are NO refined oils, NO synthetic ingredients, NO preservatives, NO fillers, thickeners, binders or extracts. Just a handful of old-fashioned, minimally processed quality ingredients, skilfully crafted into wonderful products which out-perform their commercial counterparts.

Pat’s tertiary education embraces both the arts and the sciences. Having completed her MA, she was privileged to be awarded a full scholarship for her Doctoral studies in Genetics at the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Pat brings the rigour developed during her formal scientific education to the research and development of her products, and combines this rigour with a more esoteric spiritual awareness and energy practice.

You can find Pat and her beautiful Product on the local markets. For more visit their Happy Horizons Stall at the local markets. Pat loves talking to customers, and sharing her knowledge and expertise. You can contact her to check the week’s schedule [email protected], and if you can’t make it to one of the markets, check out their online shop.

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